Showin How it is Done!


Was lucky enough to go to Pittsburgh this past Sunday night with my "head bangin buddy" Doug and experience what is being called "THE TOUR".  KISS, Motley Crue, and newcomers The Treatment did NOT disappoint!!!  It was my 31st time seeing "The Hottest Band in the World", and you know, I am not a big Crue fan..but, Nikki and Company were great..and KISS..well,  at their age,STILL the BEST live show on Planet Earth!!  Worth every penny..when these bands DO retire I kinda' feel bad for the groups coming up.  How will they EVER measure up on the live stage??!!


Christina McIntosh's picture
I heard it was an awesome show. Glad you and your friend got to go. Sounds like you had alot of fun, thanks for posting a pic. Anymore coming??? Nice shirt!!!