Ah, Laddies & Lassies..Let's Pretend We Are All Irish..and Crank!


March 17th..a good day.  St Patrick's Day!  I love corned beef and cabbage, I will watch both "Boondock Saints" movies,I will play some Flogging Mollys and Dropkick Murphys music on my iPod, and basically practice my bad Irish accent on my dog all day!  As for our "From the Attic" feature..I did research on probably the most famous, identifiable Irish folk tune to "us rock folks". "Whiskey in the Jar" has been covered by everyone from Peter, Paul, and Mary, to Burl Ives, to the Pogues, to of course, Thin Lizzy, and Metallica.  You all know how much I dig Thin Lizzy, and they did it in 1972, and the video was..boring!!!  Metallica covered it in '98 on "Garage Inc"..and their video has half-nude women drinking, having pilllow fights, and smashing up a house!!!  Guess which one I picked??!!  Enjoy!