C'Mon Already..Put It Aside!


I am not really a guy who likes change in his world..in fact, I STILL prefer playing vinyl!  I prefer Bon over Brian, Dave over Sammy..but I do understand that sometimes change has to take place..especially with a group of egomaniacial musicians!!  It's no secret I MUCH preferred John Corabi over Vince Neil..see, I can adapt! (but old Vinny had to come back)! Anyhow, back to my point.  Listen to the first couple of Skid Row albums and you are in "Headbangin Heaven"!  Now John Sollinger has been with the Skids since Sabs departed... even recorded a couple of decent records with them

But he'd rather  do country and the music world is missing out on top-notch shredding and wailing!  So, come on guys, bury the hatchet!!!  Bring back great stuff, like this title track to their 2nd effort, "Slave to the Grind"