Deserve It Too!


I know I have been on a "soapbox" for months since KISS finally got their due and recognition after 14 years of eligibility and were rightfully placed in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.  But let's also give a deserved "atta boy" to a band out of Aberdeen, Washington who got in in their very FIRST year..Nirvana!!  Although they only released three studio albums in their 7 year career, went through drummers early on like Spinal Tap, and were created thanks to a demo from Kurt Cobain called "Fecal Matter"..this band really DID change the rock music landscape, and did so rather quickly thanks to their 2nd album (the first with a major label) released in 1991, called "Nevermind".  It may seem funny, but like so many major events, ask yourself this question.."where were you when you first heard "Smells Like Teen Spirit"?"..I bet you remember, because few bands have had such an immediate impact on music history!!