A Great "Time" To See A Classic Band


In just a few days STYX will be appearing in Johnstown.  Now, I will admit, I've never been "all gaga" over this band,  but hey, this is a group that in the late 70's and early 80's had..count 'em..4 straight triple-platinum albums!!  They were, and still are, a staple on rock radio all over the world!!  Just sayin' that you may wanna have a look and listen to some American "Rock Royalty" while you have the chance!  For this week's "Attic", I picked their top 10 song/video that has it all..80's feathered-bangs, headbands,everyone smoking in the bar,

cheesy effects, and bad acting.  From 1981's "Paradise Theater" album, "Too Much Time On My Hands".