Let's Warm things Up..Brrrr!


It's Monday night, just got done with the show, step out side and....AAAAAAHHHHH!  This sucks!  Yes, I'm a born and bread PA kid, but the older I get, I swear the colder it gets!!!  So now I'm thinkin about getting the bike out, warm breezes, girls wearing little...Yeah, that's it!!  "Summertime Girls" from Oakland's Y & T!  One of the many, very cool, overlooked Big Hair bands of the era.  And their biggest claim to fame, going back to '85 from their 7th studio album, "Down for the Count".  This video has it all..cheesy acting, cheesy effects, lotsa AquaNet, and bikini-clad women!!  Wow, sometimes I do miss the '80's, but by cranking up this great tune, it feels like I'm back in time, and the weather just got a tad bit warmer!!