Made Me Wanna Go Back To Class!!


The year was 1988, and I had well been through with my education, and was thoroughly entrenched in playing headbanging stuff for all of "yinz" on the radio. But one day, kicking back, checking out the latest videos on that channel THAT USED TO play 'em, and lo and behold, I see some new glam stuff I like!! Now, this band is from Philly...friends with Cinderella, so that's cool, and they called themselves, "trashy Victorian glam", again cool, and they are named after some dead, ancient relative or "very metal", and then the guy opens his mouth, AND SHREDS!!!!!! I liked Britny Fox, and they did have some success before grunge came along. They have reformed a few times over the years, but nothing is as banging as "Girlschool" off of their self-titled debut. Wish I went to THAT school!!