Metalheads Wearing Metal


Hungry the other night, (yeah, BIG surprise, right?!) so I am flipping through the phonebook deciding which of my favorite eateries I wanna enjoy, when all of the sudden I'm thinking "I don't feel like going out, it's dark and cold", ok, narrows it down to delivery, and I start singing a classic from Armored Saint!  Anyhow, great metal band formed by two brothers in Pasadena in the early 80's.  Their singer is killer.. John Bush, he had been courted by Metallica (turned em down!), and Antrax (took that gig for a while), they even played HERE IN ALTOONA, back "in the day"!!  I always thought the "Medieval Metal" look was a bit much, and this video is t-a-c-k-y!  But, the song smokes!!  Enjoy, "Can U Deliver" from their 1984 opus "March of The Saint"