Old School Rare Lepp


A lot of great shows coming live this Spring & Summer..Styx/Outlaws, Joan Jett, Aerosmith/Slash, and Kiss/Def Leppard to just name a few.  So I got to thinkin about the only time I saw Leppard..musta been early 80's..they were they openers for Scorpions and Judas Priest!!!  Loved D.L. back then!!  Cool Brit Metal!! (They got too "FOO FOO" for me after all their video success!) So I dug out a great cheesy video that was actually a BONUS track on the original vinyl  L.P. and cassette versions (you remember cassettes, right?).  From 1981's "High 'n Dry", a little drinkin' tune called "Me & My Wine".