Rock Music + Motion Pictures= Excellent Stuff!


The Oscars took place on Sunday, and you know I love flicks, so I kept an eye on the Big Red Carpet (while also watching 5-plus hours of Eric Clapton's 2009 Crossroads..hey I'm a multitasker!) and that got me to thinkin' again!!  What is the greatest rock movie EVER??  Hands down the 1984 epic, "This is Spinal Tap".  I mean, c'mon..the Scorpions went to/and walked out on the premiere!  They have been covered by the likes of David Gilmour.  And Soundgarden put the classic "Big Bottoms" on a live recording!!!  Nigel and the boys should someday be enshrined both in Hollywood and (hello) Cleveland!  So, enjoy this majestic video from their highly self-touted "Smell The Glove"'s "Hell Hole"!