Seattle..More than Just Seahawks & Coffee


Watching playoff football, Heart's Ann Wilson does the anthem, the crowd is insane and I start thinking about how much stellar tunage has come from the state of Washington..tons!, but I go to Bellevue, where in 1983 Michael Wilton and his mates released an EP simply called "Queensryche". A very nondescript black album jacket that really told me nothing until I put it on the turntable!!! The opening track left me know that THIS was no ordinary metal band, but the start of something.....unique! Years later and fighting, singers leaving, being replaced, having TWO bands, all the drama, who cares when you crank up and listen to the first song on their first recording!! REALLY, REALLY cheesy ,bad video aside,(in fact, one of THE worst I have EVER viewed!) enjoy "Queen Of The Reich"!