Shark Week..Couldn't Resist!


Yep..that time of year! People all heading to the beaches, Discovery Channel gettin ready for their best-rated week of the year, and me saying.."Why didn't Great White ever get more recognition..that band smoked!!" So on the "Attic" this week..since it is almost "Shark Week"..a video from a super-underrated band that always chose "killer covers"! We ALL know, Ian Hunter's "Once Bitten, Twice Shy", but did you know they covered Led Zep to a tee? Or How about beloved Aussie-rockers, Angel City?!. But one of their best do-overs is their take on The Who's "Substitute". Check this 1984 remake out, from their debut album! Oh yeah..and be careful if you go in the water!!! (hear the JAWS music?)