They Got It All Started For Me


Had a Listener ask me, "Dog, what band got it all started for you? Was it Kiss?, Thin Lizzy?, Nugent?".. I thought for a second, and said "Nah, Creedence!  Used to sneak my older brother Greg's 8-tracks, and crank up classics like "Proud Mary" in his headphones when he went out!".  So I decided to find a real, honest-to-goodness video from John Fogerty and the boys, and lo-and behold..found a gem from 1969, (I'd have been in 2nd grade!) from their 2nd album, "Bayou Country"...I mean, check out the far-out, psychedelic, groovy album cover!!  Here's "Bootleg", a song not even released as a single, but it

has some great "old school" hair-styles, clothes, and dancing!!  Look close, maybe some of your parents are in it!!!