What Coulda Been


I am probably gonna alienate alotta' folks with my choice of songs and bands this time around, but hey..it's MY Feature, right?  Back in 1992, Motley Crue parted ways with original vocalist Vincent Neil Wharton and brought in Philly's John Corabi for a new LP, simply called "MOTLEY CRUE".  It rocked!  He rocked!  A band I never really had any interest in, now "smoked my bacon"!  However, Crue's label didn't like the "direction" of the new sound, and basically told the band, get Neil back, or no moola for a new album.  Corabi graciously left and Vince came back in '97.  But for ONE ALBUM, I was a huge Motley Crue fan!  Enjoy this nugget..From the Attic.