Why Are There NOT More Songs n' Videos?!


Yesterday, I am like a "giddy schoolkid"..It truly is like a holiday for me and my brothers.."Opening Day" in baseball! We get together with our peanuts and beer and get ready for all the hoopla about to unfold before us on the diamond. Ah, yes, baseball is back!! So, I thought, a video to pay tribute to "America's Past time" on The Attic. Lemme tell you..few and far between!!! No official vid for John Fogerty's "Centerfield", which I feel is the best baseball song ever!! So I go to "the bullpen", and although I really don't think it's about baseball, Don Henley's "Boys Of Summer" is a really cool looking piece of film work, the little dude playing the drums is stellar, and how can you not say the album title is one of the best ever in "Building the Perfect Beast"? So I hope you enjoy this classic from 30 seasons ago!