You Gotta Love Free Stuff


As a young lad, I spent a lot of my cash on music called "imports".  Stuff you just couldn't get right away from bands from other countries.  I spent much on early Judas Priest, and bands called Trust, and the Dickies to name a few. (My friend Mike worked at Music Hut back "in the day", so I had "connections"!)  Anyhow, there was a band called AC/DC I had heard about, and I wanted their first single, called "Jailbreak".. ("Fling Thing" on the B-side).  It later came out on the Australian album version of Dirty Deeds..and in 1984 as a Maxi-single here in the States, but back then as a teen metalhead..there was NO WAITING!  I had to have it, I got it, and if I remember, paid a hefty price for it.  But here, you can enjoy the original video FOR FREE, on "From the Attic". (And you're welcome!)