Helpful Hints to Survive a Rock Concert

How to Survive a Rock Concert


1.Wear comfy clothes. A unique oversized t-shirts for girls and a slim fit t-shirts for boys paired with cool skinny jeans and comfy sneakers will never go wrong.

2.Use deodorants before going to the concert! Use of perfumes after perspiration will only make you smell more yucky..

3.Bring mineral water! You'll lose a lot of liquid in your body after those heavy perspiration. Always prepare a bottle of water to keep yourself from blacking out..

4.Go with your friends! never ever ever go to rock concerts alone. Not just that it will be less fun (and makes you look pathetic), if you're a girl your besties will keep you from those 'jerks'.

5.Bring along your cameras to capture the moments and to take photos with your favorite artists.

6.Umbrella (if it's an outdoor concert). It'll keep you from the rain. Well of course you wouldn't mind the rain if you could sing with your favorite band, would you?

7.Tissues! Just in case they run out of tissue papers.

8.And most of all, bring your stamina! You need a lot of stamina to do all the singing, dancing, crowd surfing, and head banging! So keep fit at least a week before the concert.