A Break of Bad Luck Over Her Break


My youngest daughter has lived with me for quite a few years, but let's face it, when she's home from college the LAST thing she wants to do is hang out with her dad! That's why I am feeling a bit guilty right now. Let me explain..she was home on Thanksgiving break, slipped on some ice in our driveway, and ended up with a slight break in her tibia (that's what the doc said in the ER). So, she spent most of her vacation with her leg in a splint-thingy and laying on the bed or couch with it elevated (that's what the doc said to do). Appointment with an orthopedic guy in a few days, so I am in HEAVEN!!! She is forced to spend all of her time with dear old dad taking care of her just like I did when she was 7 and had the flu!! SEE!!!! That's kinda sick, dontcha' think?? As I have said in previous blogs, they really DO grow up pretty fast, so yeah, I am kinda' thankful that my kid is a bit of a klutz this holiday!! Ha ha!!