Dude..It's a High School Game!!


It is an honor to be the "Voice of Bishop Guilfoyle High School Football".  My partner, Paul Engleman and I have been calling Marauder games together now for 5 seasons.  I love everything about a high school game on a crisp fall night.  However, playing in the playoffs last week away from home opened my eyes to the fact that some individuals take it WAY TOO SERIOUSLY!!  I mean, the guy sporting the mullet, wearing a camo coat, and his OLD high school football cap, should have alerted me, but...NOOO!  As the game wore on, and BG was clearly dominating, Mr. "I am a PAST member of this team and its bygone glories" decided to let everyone know of his displeasure with the officiating, the obvious cheating by our squad, and how many off-color words he could scream out at the top of his lungs, just an earshot away from me and our microphones as we broadcast the victory back to our fair city!!  My apologies if any of you happened to hear "Jethro" and his banter.  I am happy we will be calling this week's game from the friendly confines of Memorial Field in Bellwood.  And GO Marauders!!