Good Thing I AM Skinny!!!

Don't like to brag (but then again, IT IS MY blog!!), but if folks wanna go WAAAAYY back to when I started posting my thoughts on our site, you will remember, I said that my beloved Pirates could finally do it & quit languishing in losing. OK, so I was a year off....BUT...looky looky at the Buccos!! But now it seems EVERYONE is jumping on the proverbial Bucco Bandwagon! I even had a guy ask me why "BARMS" didn't play more (uh, that's pronounced BAR-MIS!!), and another "true fan" told me she has been following NICK Walker since he played at Pine-Richland High!! ( I wonder if NEIL is related!!??). Anyhow, it's still kinda fun to have all of this company as the Pirates will most likely see the postseason for the first time in a looooong time!! Just glad my butt is so slide over so I can have MY seat!! AND PLEASE STOP trying to do the "Zoltan Z"!