Greatest Inventions?..Tommy Said That?!


Tommy and I were hanging out in the studio the other day discussing his latest home project, when he made a statement that kinda' brought a tear of joy to my eye!  You see, Tom and I can be "polar opposites" on quite a few things..the Pirates, who the sexiest 70's TV star was, HOUSEKEEPING!!  So imagine my joy when he blurted out.."Y'know Dog, I borrowed Danice's Shop Vac, and I think it may be one of the greatest inventions ever!!"  Well, he DID mention a few other things that I shouldn't talk about..but, when he said that this wet/dry friend of do-it-yourselfers everywhere could possibly be ranked right up there with sliced bread....all I could do was smile!!!!  Maybe there is hope yet!   And Tommy, this time I have to agree!