Hey, Lend a Guy a Hand..Wouldja?


So it's a beautiful Saturday morning.  I am heading to the Radiator Station.  Just leaving the old neighborhood when a notice traffic is backed up at the intersection.  Lo and behold, a bunch of broken up cinder blocks are strewn all over the road!!  Now, everyone is swerving around the mess, honking horns and such.  I  don't know...how about I pull over in this parking lot and try to get this potential hazard cleaned up!?   Well, other than ONE DOOFUS in a pickup truck almost hitting me, then snarling at me (hope he got where he was going in such a rush!)..it was amazing, as soon as I STARTED, someone stopped traffic, and a group of people got out of their cars too, and we all cleared the problem up quickly.  I don't know about you, but that was a very cool way to start the day, and I just wanna say "thanks and God bless" to those of you who took a few minutes to clean up a road where our families and friends drive.