Hey..We Are Kinda Like a Gang!


Over the weekend I was watching the 1979 cult-classic,  "The Warriors" and was wondering what it is that attracts us to that "gang mentality"..you know, belonging and "running with the pack".  Then I thought about our little "group of misfits" at work!  As you probably know by now, Danice recently had hip surgery, and was out for a few weeks.  Our leader, Tommy, took to the task, and had to shuffle our lineup a bit, like a magician working his trick.  I filled wherever needed, and J.P., Shadow, Chad, and X all stepped up too, making sure we still had the best sounding radio station on Earth, all the while "keeping a watchful eye" on Mz. Bell, to make sure her recovery was going as planned, so she could rejoin us as soon as possible.  So yeah, I guess we are kinda' "gang-like" (and I am proud of that), watching each others backs, working for the common cause, and of course we "fly our flag for the Rocky Nation"!!  My question to you is though, if you haven't joined us yet, what are you waiting for?