Hold On For Dear Life!!


Beautiful day, sun shining, blue skies..and I need a haircut!  Might as well check in with my other volunteer co-horts at B.C.A.B. while I am at that "end of town".  Gonna hop on my bad motor scooter and ride, as Sammy once sang.  Off I go, smiling at one of my small joys in life as I turn onto 6th Avenue and head east (isn't that a band?).  "HOLY RUMBLESTRIPS, BATMAN!!"  I have been on wilderness roads in Wyoming that are smoother than this!!!  I am rattling and bumping, and avoiding craters in the roadway that would surely swallow a small vehicle without a trace!! 

I know, I know, we've all talked about, and heard the stories of how bad the roads are in our fine Commonwealth.  But this is downright dangerous as I veer around this patchjob, that patchjob..oh no, look out for that huge hole left by a piece of missing asphalt!!!

I read and hear our news almost daily.  There are detours EVERYWHERE for future road repairs..but really, 6TH AVENUE IN ALTOONA!!?? (and 7th coming out is just as bad!)  Yep, nice sidewalks on both sides, just avoid the patchwork of macadam in between!

This is not and exaggeration.  Maybe in a car or truck it isn't "too bad", but on a bike, it's just plain nasty!  Wonder if the Governor would like to climb on the back and take a ride with me?  

Stay safe my friends!