How Do You Get an Autographed Copy Though?


So the Christmas season is over, and I was putting away all my presents, and as usual I got a couple of books..duh! I love to read! Trying to find more room on my bookshelves is a pain sometimes, so I started thinking.."maybe a Nook, or a Tablet, right? Save some space, carry 40-gagillion books with me!!! Wow! technology rocks!! But then I looked at one of this years gifts, and it was actually signed by local author Bruce Bracken, which is so cool!! Hey, sorry but I don't wanna let some writer scribble on my fancy electronics with a SHARPIE!! And there is just something about the smell of a new book..'nuff said! Come on, this surprises you from a guy who still prefers the "crackle of vinyl"?!