I Feel Spoiled Sometimes


A beautiful summer's evening, just got done with the old "radio program", and am now standing in the pressbox at People's Natural Gas Field, waiting to go down onto the field and host another "Thirsty Thursday" for ROCKY.  Now, the Eastern League All-Star Game has just passed, so the field and stadium still looks great with the cool outfield artwork and such, but I am standing there realizing..."This is STILL one of the best ballparks in the world!!!"..  I am not trying to be "butt-smoocher",  this place is STILL awesome!!  And it's RIGHT HERE..in our quaint city!!  You know the old Blair County Ballpark has been here since 1999 and I know professed sports fans that haven't been here more than a few times!!  This place should be close to packed EVERY SINGLE SUMMER NIGHT!!  We all say we "bleed black & gold for our Buccos", well, these guys ARE "future bucs"..so let's make it a point sometime this last few weeks of the season to get over to PNG Field, and show our appreciation for what's right "in our own backyard"!!  Let's Go Curve!!