I Love Free Movie Weekends


You gotta love when your TV provider throws on one of those "Free Preview Weekends", because you can check out a bunch of films that you really wouldn't want to plop down your hard-earned cash for at the video store.  Case in point..saw "Rock of Ages" a few days back..didn't know what to expect..Tom Cruise prancin' round and singing Hair Metal really did not sound like an enjoyable way to spend a few hours!  But, I was pleasantly surprised!  It took me back to a great time in my life, and EVERY ACTOR (including Cruise, Alec Baldwin, and Paul Giamatti!) REALLY sang their own parts!!  Good tunes, hot girls, and it was fun looking for music stars who made cameos, like Sebastian Bach and Nuno Bettencort.  I feel like a cheesy film critic, but, "Rock of Ages" was really kind of fun!