I Still Prefer the Classix!


Oh Yeah!! It's again just days away!!  Father's Day!  When for 24 hours, at least, I am "King", "the World's Best", and a host of other wonderful adjectives that my children call me for this one Sunday every June!!  Haha!  And as many of you know, I kinda' prefer "old school", vintage stuff...and I do have a tendency to save a lot of items, especially if they happened to have been created by the hands of my offspring!

So, I was cleaning out an old file cabinet a few days back when I came across two of my all time favorite "Dad's Day" cards..even dated..1997!  And y'know what??  Hallmark can't touch 'em..and a million bucks couldn't buy 'em!  Nope..there is NOTHING like the classics!!