I'm Becoming A DIY Guy


Anyone who has known me for ANY length of time, knows I'm not a real "do-it-yourselfer kinda dude".  I mean, change the battery in the smoke alarm, yeah, I got that.  But ask me to re-frame a wall, or replace the thermostat in the car, and .......aaaaaarhhrgg!!  But recently due to a run of let's call it, "less than stellar service for my hard earned money", I started trying some stuff on my own (thanks in part to info on the internet).  And hey, look at me!!  I repaired the hands on my parents old clock, remedied a little problem with my daughter's car, and this weekend even took off and replaced my motorcycle's clutch cable! (OK, to be honest, Randy and Jessie at I TRIKE BIKES were by my side on this one..those 2 guys ROCK!!!!!).  But, what I am trying to get at is:  Service ain't what it used to be..in fact, a lot of it is CRAP!  And my mom always told me if I wanted anything done right, do it yourself!!  So I am, and I am finding that instead of throwing money away on "shoddy services", I will roll up my sleeves, and give it a go!!  And hey, it can be kinda rewarding and relaxing!  Oh, and BTW:  if you wanna know about some of the BAD SERVICE I have gotten over the last couple of months..gimme a call!  I would never list NAMES on here..heck, that's free advertisement!!