It Has Been a Very Good Year


Well, here it is..another year over, but I gotta admit, 2012 was pretty good to me!  All of my kids are doing well, still working at the coolest job ever, got a great bunch of friends, got a new car, got my bike repainted, my beloved Buccos "almost" got over the hump (actually talked Tommy into going to see a game!), my 'Skins won their division, AND BEAT DALLAS twice to do it!, I celebrated my 50th birthday, saw KISS on tour AGAIN, and they released a new album, ate alotta' great food, and kissed my share of pretty girls.  So when I look back over the last 365, I can't complain!!  Seriously, I have got a great gig hanging out with you every day from 3 to 7, so God bless, keep it in your sneaker, and have a great new year!!!