A Little Too Much Info


I am 50 years old, yes, but I still have those individuals that I grew up idolizing, and even now, in a way, "look up to".  And I think if you have listened to me, even a little bit, over these 30-plus years on the air, you know I "make no bones" about being a HUGE KISS fan!!  Well, first it was Gene's book, then last year, Ace, now this year original drummer Peter Criss released his,,and yes, I read it too.  That's where I get to my dilemma.  Sure I wanna know interesting details, behind the scene stuff..but, I don't care to read about their hygiene habits or some of their "more personal body functions"!  I mean, knowing that Simmons one nickname was "Stinky", has kind of taken some of the "glamour" off of one of my heroes!!  Ouch!  Really, Peter? (by the way..his "real" name is George Peter Criscoula)