Making New Friends..Even At MY Age!


Okay, so maybe you can't teach this old dog too many new tricks, but you can occasionally surprise me at the fact there are just some good people out there in this big old world of ours! By now I am sure most of you know of my LOVE for the Washington Redskins, and how I continue to journey to Landover, MD, year-in- and-year out to root em on, win or lose! Well, this past Sunday I made my way down the Beltway to cheer once more, and was treated to some good old "Southern Hospitality" right in the FedEx Field parking lot. Not knowing these 3 young folks beside me, they quickly invited me and my friend to partake in some grilled food and brews! We talked "all-things Skins", and then even walked part way to the stadium before wishing well and going our separate ways. Thanks Mikey and crew..hope your travels back to Virginia were safe..probably never gonna see you again..but your potato salad rocked!!!  And Hail my new friends!! (That's a Redskins thing!)