Man on an Island (Hope it has Power!)


A couple of days ago during our little "afternoon get-together" I played some Priest off of "British Steel" and mentioned that if.."I was ever stranded on an island, that album would be one of the 5 I would like to have with me."  Now, forget the fact there would be no electricity, blah, blah, blah.  I decided to pick the 5 LP's that I would HAVE to have with me, if that unfortunate abandonment ever they are in no particular order:

--Motorhead:  Ace of Spades

--KISS:  Double Platinum

--Rolling Stones:  Some Girls

--Dean Martin:  Lay Some Happiness on Me

--BB King/Eric Clapton:  Riding with The King

Honorable Mentions include Angel City's "Face to Face", Rogue Male's "First Visit", "British Steel" from Judas Priest, Elvis Costello's "Armed Forces", and the Stones "Sticky Fingers".  Hey, maybe the beautiful woman who gets stranded with me will have THOSE!!  Ah, well, a guy can dream!!