Manners..Really a Thing of the Past (or Down in Front!)


Yeah, yeah, I know I've gotten on "my soapbox" in past blogs about this subject..everything from "yes sir/ma'am", to holding doors, and being a "little less aggressive in our traffic skills".  But NOW it's bled over into one of my favorite places on all of God's green earth..the sports arena!  Yep, me and my brothers trying to spend a relaxing evening with the Bucs at PNC, and you can't see half of what is taking place on the field because 99.5% of these people have NO SPORTS KNOWLEDGE at all!!!  Two men on, two outs, Cutch up..and some "individual" holds up his phone in front of me to take a picture of his girlfriend because she's so cute in that Pirates hat!!!!!  Or..a 3-2 pitch on the way, bases loaded..and NOW he has to go get his 8th beer or another tray of nachos..RIGHT NOW!!!!!!  And of course he is further down the row, so EVERYONE has to stand up to let him out!!!  And then he asks when he gets back, if the REDSOX scored??  We were playing Cincinnati!!!! 

And this stuff doesn't only happen in Pittsburgh, I regularly have the same "sports fans" do these things on a 3rd and inches play, or a game-tying field goal in D.C., ALL THE TIME!!!!!!  It's called "Game Etiquette" friend, thank goodness my dad taught it to me at an early age..wait for the end of the inning, or during a timeout..then go!  If not, please stay home and watch it on TV, because there you won't be stepping all over my feet or spilling the sticky soda in my lap!