Never Complaining about being An "Altoid" Again


Boy, it goes without saying how lucky I felt when I returned home from "pulling an all-nighter" there at the station and finding that the biggest mess I had from the remnants of "Sandy", was an overabundance of my neighbors wet leaves peppered all over my siding and yard!  I mean, seriously, a lady as close as Somerset lost her life.. and let's not even go to the devastation in places like Breezy Point, NY, where an ENTIRE neighborhood caught fire and burned to the ground!! Everywhere you read, listen, or watch, you find out about so much damage and heartbreak.   Y'know, I am as guilty as alot of folks, who complain about living here in Altoona all of our lives.  How things can be kinda' slow, not as "cool" or up-to-date as other places.  But, I guess, call me "older and wiser"..because I really DO appreciate living here,  nestled in the mountains....we REALLY ARE lucky and blessed!