No Socks or Underwear THIS Year!


I am one of those " get everything done early, so I can enjoy the holidays kinda' guy".  Shopping-done, decorating-done, writing and addressing cards-done.  So with extra time on my hands this Christmas season, and with some prodding from Tommy (because my car was slowly dying!), I decided to shop for a new car because "Thelma", my '95 Chrysler, had seen better days.  So off to G & G Auto, the sponsor of our ROCKY Morning Show I went, and found myself a great new ride!!   A super bunch of folks work there..thanks to Steve for selling it to me, Pat for working out the financial stuff, and Greg for making sure it  runs and looks great!!  And so my Christmas shopping is now done for ME for this year too, and I didn't get myself the usual "socks and underwear".  Ho Ho Ho!