Nothing Like this time of the Year


Pirates and Curve playing baseball?..check!  Motorcycle shined up and running?..check!  Grass is green, flowers and plants are blooming, birds are chirping, and YES, the sun STILL knows how to shine!  I don't know about you, but I really could do without the cold, snow, and ice.  And I really don't enjoy 90-plus degree sweltering heat either.  So, yeah, gimme Spring.  It is by far, my season-of-choice.  Nothing like slapping on the headphones, cranking up the tunes, and crawling up on the old mower for a few laps around the yard.  There are a few things though that are a pain..I don't like pulling weeds (because the little buggers can grow ANYWHERE!), and with all the birds comes "lotsa' remnants"... on the car, the bike, the house, the get what I'm saying.  Anyhow, get out and enjoy!!!