Parting (for Winter) Is Such Sweet Sorrow


Woah, seriously..where did Fall go?!  Just a few days back, sunshine and I'm enjoying my last few days on the bike, and...BLAM!!  29 degrees and snow flurries!!  Anyhow, I am  riding "Louise" out to my storage spot for the winter and something freaky happens to her rear-end!  Brakes get all funky and lock up!!  What?  She doesn't wanna be done so soon!  She's fighting this cold snap too!   Sorry baby, I promise we will have many good days again as soon as Spring arrives!  Anyhow, my man Jesse and the ITB crew take good care of her, she is running great again, and she is stored safe and snug for the next couple of months.  Hey!  Those are NOT tears in my eyes!!!  It's freakin' cold out, they're watering!!