Taking My Bucket List More Seriously


A few weeks back the world lost a pretty cool actor in James Gandolfini.  Now, although I enjoyed his acting abilities, I wouldn't say he was a "hero" of mine.  So why is it that his sudden passing has kinda'  affected me the way it has?  I think I finally "put a finger on it" a few days ago..Jimmy and I are the same age!!  I mean, here's a guy who has the world right where he wants it, and.....BANG-GONE!!!!  And he's 51 freakin years old!!!  So now I'm like..."Hey, let's go on a hot air balloon ride" or "Anyone wanna join me on a wild boar hunt in Georgia?".  Yep, thanks to Tony Soprano's unfortunate death, now all the sudden my "bucket list" has taken on a newfound importance!  All kidding aside though, live, love, laugh, enjoy, because our time here really is kinda' short.