Time IS On My Side!


Ah, here it is, the 22nd day of October again. I can tell you that 28 years ago today I was not on my computer writing out my thoughts! No, in fact I was a young, very inexperienced husband of 2 years, rushing around like a "crazy man" because I was about to become a DAD!! Nothing on Earth can prepare you..not classes, not videos, not even advice from my own father!! I was scared to death, an absolute wreck!! Tried to act cool and in control..didn't happen!! But, "nature took its course" and my life changed wonderfully! A lot of you remember and remind me of that day back in 1985 when "the Dog had his first puppy"..heck, some of you even came to the hospital to congratulate me and the Mrs.!! Well, I can tell you, she has done great..she listened to Dad and did not go into the "family business", although she remembers at age 3 spending studio time with me, talking on the air, answering phones, and helping with the Top 9 at 9! Just hard to believe it was so long ago. Happy Birthday, Doodles! And thanks to all of you for the good memories!