Yea Bruuuuuuce!!


I am sure by now you all know that I am a bit of a Bruce Willis fan..can't tell you why or when it really happened..I guess back in his "Moonlighting" days.  But I am,  and I have seen almost every one of his 70 cinematic efforts (yep, I have a list!)..anyhow, imagine how stoked I am that Bruno (uh huh, have his album too) was bringing back his "badder than bad" John McClane for another installment in his mega-successful "Die Hard" series!  This would be #5, Bruce is gettin older, and his pals like Arnold and Sly have also just released action flicks that TANKED, and it made even me think that maybe his days of blowin up the bad guys and then saying something cool were behind him.  But NOOO!! Bruce aka John delivered AGAIN, and even though it isn't my favorite Die Hard effort, it was still worth the moolah to hear him once again utter.."Yippe Ki Yeah, Mother.."and it is the #1 boxoffice smash two weeks in a row, so I must not be the only one.  He will never win an Oscar for the role, but as he put it in the latest chapter.."it's hard to kill a McClane".