Pearl Harbor Day this year will be a special day in Tyrone, PA marked by a soil dedication ceremony

at Soldiers Park.

Eagle Scout Cody Eckels ignited a flame in the Tyrone community with his Eagle Scout project,

Eagle For Freedom for veterans’ recognition at Soldiers Park at the corner of Lincoln Avenue and 14th

Street in Tyrone. Part of the ceremonies on Memorial Day included adding soils from Pearl Harbor,

Gettysburg, Mount Vernon and Normandy to those of the local cemeteries. One glitch. The Pearl

Harbor soil did not arrive in Tyrone on time.

To remedy that – and to honor those who served – Cody has partnered with the ETERNAL FLAME

committee, that has taken up his Soldiers Park improvements, to dedicate that soil on Pearl Harbor

Day, Saturday, December 7, 2013 at 10 AM.

At 10:10 AM the church bells from First Presbyterian Church will ring to commemorate how the news

passed among the citizenry on that day that still lives in infamy.

A group of local singers, members of Allegheny Chorale adult choir, will lead those in attendance in

singing the National Anthem.

Master of Ceremonies, Bob Nein, Adjutant from Howard Gardner Post #281 of The American

Legion will re-introduce Eagle Scout Cody Eckels. It was Cody’s Eagle Scout project, EAGLE FOR

FREEDOM, that brought great improvements to Soldier’s Park including six, lighted flagpoles, a

retaining wall, a walkway of inscribed bricks with veterans names and a bronze Fallen Soldier statue.

The bricks and pavers were sold to raise funds for the other improvements.

This will be followed by Raising the Colors. Any active or veteran service members in attendance will

be asked to join in the flag ceremony.

The musical number “In Flanders Field” will follow.

World War II veteran, Clair Turnbaugh US Navy Sea Bees, WW II Veteran who served his time in the

Pacific theater will join Eagle Scout Cody Eckels in placing the Pearl Harbor soil. This Pearl Harbor

soil will be added to the Gettysburg, Mount Vernon, Normandy and all fourteen local cemetery soils

already placed at the base of the veteran’s memorial, The Doughboy, in Soldiers Park.

“Taps” will be played by Chip Dillon, of the Col. James Crowther, Camp #89, of the Sons of Union

Veterans of the Civil War, Tyrone, PA. The singers will conclude with “God Bless America.”

Master of Ceremonies Bob Nein also chairs the Eagle for Freedom – ETERNAL FLAME is

established to provide continued recognition for veterans at Soldiers Park. ETERNAL FLAME will

continue to fund this veteran recognition through the sale of personalized veteran’s bricks/pavers

which will be installed at Soldiers Park each year in advance of Memorial Day. Additional statuary

or improvements will be added as funds and plans become available. A major corporate gift has been

received and plans are underway for improvements in 2014 and 2015.

Order forms for the bricks (4 X 8) and pavers (8 X 8) are available in a lockbox at Soldiers Park, at

Howard Gardner Post #281 of The American Legion, at the Tyrone Chamber of Commerce office or

by contacting Bob Nein at 814-684-3844.

Saturday, December 7, 2013 - 10:00am