HGR Local Music News 7/21/13

In Local Music News…

And the annual Rock For Life charity concert will take place in early August at the Iselin Ballfield west of Indiana. This year’s concert will take place Friday night, August 2 and Saturday, August 3. Bands performing Friday night include The Molrowers, KGB, 90 Amp Fuse, Slant 6, Rockness Monsters and All My Monsters. Saturday’s entertainment will feature Luke & Zack, Terry Lee Spencer, Mustache Serkus, Shattered, The Subnormals, Dimwit, Ill Fated, Big House Pete, After the Fall, Skell, and national recording group XFactor1. Donation at the gate is $20, and free camping is available. Proceeds from the Rock for Life help out youngsters from western Pennsylvania each year; this year’s recipient will be 14-year-old Alicia Hruby. For more information about the concert, visit the website www.rockforlifeconcert.com.

A special event celebrating female music and art will be taking place on the area music scene in late September. Aldo’s and Placid Promotions will present “Halos & Harlots: A Celebration of Female Music and Art” on Friday and Saturday nights, September 27 and 28 at Aldo’s. Hosted by Lies, Inc., “Halos and Harlots” will showcase a wide variety of female music and art. Friday’s musical slate will emphasize acoustic and alternative performers, and will feature music from Wings Of Armor, Gypsy Caravan, Lies, Inc. unplugged, The Lux Republic, Mycenea Worley, Jen Bertiaux and Melville Walbeck. Saturday will showcase female-geared hard rock, and will feature performances from Lies, Inc., Fist Fight in the Parking Lot, Burden My Surrender, Shadowburn, Sixteen Cylinder and Elizabeth Kennedy. Admission both nights will be $7. There will also be prize raffles, with proceeds benefiting Family Services Inc.’s Domestic Abuse Project. Lies, Inc. will discuss the event when they appear as guests on the September 15 edition of the “Homegrown Rocker.”

The singer for Black Coffee has issued her first solo recording. Cait Cuneo has just issued her debut EP, called Violet.

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