HGR CD Review 1/12: Larry Nath

LARRY NATH – VISIONS AND REVISIONS (ELL Digitial Media) Indiana’s Larry Nath first introduced listeners to his fresh blend of rock and blues on his 2007 debut CD Live It!. His second album, Visions and Revisions, follows in a similar blues-rock vein, featuring more catchy and relatable songs, plus an assortment of special guests to help color and shape them. Nath’s one-time bandmate, Pittsburgh blues guitar great Jimmy Adler, appears on seven of the 15 songs, while Billy Price Band keyboardist Jimmy Britton tickles ivories on four numbers. Other guests include bassists D.J. Kichi and Dan Murphy, guitarist Jim Relja, drummer Brandon Barnes and vocalist Savanna Smith. The songs range from bouncy blues-rocking frolics and boogies to slower blues and acoustic numbers. Setting the tone for the album, the mid-tempo disc-opener “Visions and Revisions” ponders life’s daily questions and adjustments. The galloping “Your Killin’ Me” ogles an irresistible redhead, while the uptempo and boisterous “Big Girl” celebrates women of altitude. Nath and his associates deliver funky blues on “Hard Times,” and reference western PA heritage and history on the rolling ode “Gods of the Molten Iron.” Nath tones things down several times on the disc; including the delicate acoustic-geared love song “Mystery,” the hopeful Clapton-toned “Try a Little Love,” and the self-reassuring “Still Over You.” “Long Gone” is a hard-edged breakup song, and Nath expresses intensifying frustration and uneasiness on the disc-closer “Sometimes I Feel.” Nath delivers a solid, gritty voice that carries his words well, and he and his hired gun cast flesh out the song arrangements with clean, tasteful musicianship. Produced by Nath and recorded at ELL Studios in Indiana, Visions and Revisions sounds punchy, upbeat and vibrant; and listeners should detect the enthusiasm that went into its creation. Visions and Revisions further establishes Larry Nath as a legitimate songcrafter and artist, and it offers a rewarding, grooving listen. (The CD can be obtained through CDBaby.com.)