HGR CD Review: Clyde Frog

CLYDE FROG – YELL OUT (no label) Formed by five college students and named after one of Eric Cartman’s stuffed animals from the South Park cartoon, Williamsport’s Clyde Frog blends elements of modern indie rock with retro flavors on their second CD, Yell Out. The Clyde Frog cast of singer Tess Marshall, guitarists Dylan Rockoff and Torey Harding, bassist Garrett Gaetano and drummer Chris Kohler merge R&B, doo-wop, blues and even surf rock with infectious grooves and jangly guitar work to craft a fresh and invigorating sound over Yell Out’s 10 tracks. Marshall, Harding and Rockoff share lead singing duties; each can capably carry a tune on Clyde Frog’s catchy melodies, and all three blend their voices for some impressive harmonies. The Harding-fronted “Do You Ever Think of Me” commences the disc as a classic-flavored soul ballad with a big chorus, while the Marshall-sung R&B piece “Gonna Find Another Man” creeps along a ‘60s-geared organ riff, and “One, Two Three” offers an updated slant on a modern doo-wop ballad. “Dance Across the Sun” bounces along a boisterous tempo, while “Harlem Girl” offers hard-nosed soul, and “Stand Up Wake Up” rides a driving groove and irresistible chorus harmonies. Marshall fronts the group’s country-rocking entry “Stay Away,” and she belts out the voice on the group’s surf-toned rocker “Bad Road.” Clyde Frog mixes their flavors well, but it’s their knack for catchy and memorable song hooks that powers Yell Out. The vocal performances are strong, and the group’s enthusiastic instrumental chops lift each song to the ceiling and beyond. The production and mix are bright and full, enabling these songs to take off and shine. Yell Out is a fun album that will make listeners yell out with joy, as Clyde Frog states their case for being one of the freshest rising band names on the state’s music scene. (The CD can be obtained through the group’s Facebook page, www.facebook.com/clydefrogband.)