HGR CD Review: Coastal Remedy

COASTAL REMEDY – COASTAL REMEDY(no label) Formed in 2011, Indiana, PA’s Coastal Remedy introduces a fresh, alternative pop/rock sound on their self-titled debut CD. Comprised of singer/rhythm guitarist Max Bizousky, lead guitarist Adam Hess, bassist Matt Snyder and drummer Matt Magill; Coastal Remedy crafts catchy but intricate alternative pop/rock ear candy over eleven tracks, with infectious hooks, clever and varying arrangements, strong vocals and harmonies, and more. The base sound suggests the pop sensibilities of Coldplay or Kings Of Leon, but with a more adventurous and innovative edge hinting Incubus or even Porcupine Tree. The group mixes up tempos, guitar tones, textures and effects; and guest keyboard player Luke Stultz adds further depth to their presentation. Each song hits at a different angle, keeping the disc fresh throughout. Relationship dynamics, ups and downs comprise much of the lyrical content of the disc, providing the launching pad for Bizousky’s sandy and soulful vocal performances. The opening trio of tracks – “Self Improvement,” “Memories” and the harder-driving “Never Ending Game” set the album’s tone and define what Coastal Remedy’s primary angle of attack is about. The group elaborates from there by exploring different tempos and textures; “Broken Pieces” shows some angst, while “Way Far Off” is slower and soulful. “Sinking Ships” is a melancholy yet dreamy ballad, and “Lost and Found” shows a more ambient, spacey tone. The riff on “What a Friend” instantly jumps out and snags the listener in, while “Save Yourself” demonstrates Coastal Remedy’s experimental side with tricky time signatures and a winding melody that delivers a payoff chorus. Produced, recorded and mixed by Klint Macro at Cobblesound Recording Company in New Kensington, Coastal Remedy’s debut sounds tight, bright and polished. The guitars and their effects ring out clearly, the mix is balanced, and the vocals are clean and distinct. Coastal Remedy yields an impressive debut; an innovative, catchy set of sounds that establishes this band as a creative force on the western PA music scene. (The CD can be obtained through the group’s Facebook page, www.facebook.com/ExperienceCoastalRemedy.)