HGR CD Review: Monster Track Supergroup

MONSTER TRACK SUPERGROUP – VOLUME II (no label) Monster Track Supergroup first surfaced three years ago, a regional “supergroup” of established north-central Pennsylvania musical names: White Witch singer Jeff Pittinger, Badlees multi-instrumentalist Bret Alexander and former Breaking Benjamin drummer Jeremy Hummel. These three musicians stepped outside the boxes of their respective primary band/musical endeavors to update four ‘70s-era classics on their self-titled 2011 EP. On their latest EP, Volume II, Monster Track Supergroup again lends their collective prowess to two more early ‘70s gems, and flexes their creative talents to bring two of Pittinger’s original song compositions to life. With Freeman White now joining the group on keys, Monster Track Supergroup presents reverent and accurate updates of the Paul Loudermilk-penned 1971 Paul Revere and the Raiders hit “Indian Reservation (Cherokee Nation), and Badfinger’s 1971 hit “Day After Day.” The original songs include Pittinger’s inspirational testimonial to weathering the storm and staying the course, “Take My Advice,” and the catchy disc-closing love song “Adrienne.” On the cover song material, the arrangements capture the spirits and tones of the original ‘70s versions, and full-bodied arrangements convincingly build and bring the two original songs to complete fruition. The instrumental performances are tight and enthusiastic; and Pittinger’s voice again displays clarity, fullness and range as he comfortably achieves the high notes and maintains a confident consistency throughout. Volume II reaffirms Monster Track Supergroup’s 1970s rock roots, but also reveals some creative spark and forward motion as the group begins to stretch their musical frontier. (The CD can be obtained through the group’s Facebook page, www.facebook.com/monstertracksupergroup.)