HGR CD Review: Rock Street Park

ROCK STREET PARK MAKE IT RIGHT (no label) Schuylkill County quintet Rock Street Park has been entertaining audiences and regional dance floors since 2011. The ‘Skook’ rockers have been putting together original songs as well, and the result of those creative endeavors is their 10-song debut CD, Make It Right. Three guitarists strong, Rock Street Park generates straightforward guitar rock anthems and power ballads. Singer/guitarist John Mayernick, guitarists/singers Steve Mayernick and Jack Clifford (who has since departed the group), bassist Ed Hoffman and drummer Pete Smulligan deliver tight melodies with punchy rhythms and a stern wall of guitar sound to power them forward. As with their rock, Rock Street Park’s lyrics are also straightforward and digestible; the disc-opening title track “Make It Right” is about shifting gears in life and moving forward, while the rocking “Time of Our Lives” celebrates living life to its fullest and not lamenting what could have been. The crunchy boogie “Wicked Ways” heralds evil women, “Falling Down” battles inner demons; and tapping an Angel City vein, the angry “Killing Me” vents aggravation and frustration. Rock Street Park can slow it down as well; the acoustic-geared “Ride With Me” proposes a simple escape from the troubles of the day, the piano-underscored “Lost” seeks answers, “Last Year” laments a lost soul, and the orchestrated-leaning “Home” pleads for a safe return. Rock Street Park shows a knack for simple and catchy song hooks that hang in the head after first listen; each of these melodies works. Their instrumental execution is rock solid, and John Mayernick’s voice is on target and in the zone. Produced by Steve Mayernick and recorded and mixed at Riverview Studios in Bloomsburg, Make It Right offers a bare-knuckles sound with only minimal studio bells and whistles; there is no doubt that this is a straight-ahead rock album. Rock Street Park delivers a sturdy set with Make It Right, establishing their foundation of tight, fundamental guitar rock. (The CD can be obtained through the group’s Reverbnation page,www.reverbnation.com/rockstreetpark.)