HGR CD Review: Thunder Vest

THUNDER VEST – THUNDER VEST (no label) Five buddies bonded by booze and rock’n’roll, Pittsburgh's Thunder Vest formed two years ago to generate two- and three-chord shout-along punk-rocking anthems. Their self-titled debut CD delivers high-octane, punk-fueled rock’n’roll excitement over eleven tracks; as Thunder Vest blends simple, infectious melodies, gang-shout choruses, and relatable, often funny lyrics. Fast-firing rhythms from drummer Captain Shingles and bassist Phil Irvest couple with the dual snarling guitar tandem of Stevie Novocain and Neil to set the boisterous backdrops for frontman Scott Terzolino’s witty and sassy words. Thunder Vest greets listeners on their disc-leading title track “T-H-U-N-D-E-R VEST!” with suggested uses for the disc (even romantic settings), before “It’s All About Me” follows a more self-centered theme. “Look Ma” proudly shows parents what their kids have become, while “Rad Girls” celebrates ladies at punk shows. Thunder Vest also celebrates smoking women on “Cigarette Girl,” and the joys of full-figured gals on “Fat Chicks.” Libation is also part of Thunder Vest’s equation, as they savor PBR on the drinking anthem “Piss and Vinegar.” The group also offers two covers; their spin on New Bomb Turks’ “Automatic Teller” and the adrenalin-rush disc-closing edition of the Hellacopters’ “Riot on the Rocks,” capped with some furious harmonica wailing. The tempo is fast and go-for-broke, but the execution is tight and on target. Terzolino knows his turf here, and his cadence is clear and keeps with the pace. The action is constant, and just like the group’s live shows, never a dull moment. Mixed and mastered by Eric Wrecker, the disc sounds full and clear, and Thunder Vest’s sharp edge is constant and cutting. Thunder Vest offers short, sweet, to-the-point and fun punk rock on their debut; a disc that will quicken the pulse, and may cause acceleration in vehicles if listened to while driving. (The disc can be obtained through Thunder Vest’s Bandcamp page, www.thundervest.bandcamp.com.)