A Cornucopia of Christmas Tunage!

To say I'm a bit "different" or maybe even "eccentric" is just a nice way to say "this dude is just weird!"  Hey, I've always readily admitted I'm NOT one who has colored inside the lines, but EVEN I had to admit, while breaking out my Christmas music to enjoy this holiday season, I had to step back and kinda laugh!  My all-time favorite is still Dean Martin's "Holiday Cheer" album, (yes, on vinyl..I have cassettes too!!), but then I cranked up some great stuff like, "My Dog Died on Christmas", then "Wonderful Christmastime" by McCartney, then it was "I Shot Santa in My Underwear", ooh..then Ertha Kitt with the classic "Santa Baby"..then Big Hair "Blue Christmas" with Cinderella..see what I mean..no rhyme nor reason..just great holiday music to get this skinny little guy singing outta key and enjoying the season!!  Merry Christmas everyone and C'mon and sing along!!